Advances in Pediatrics


      The editors are pleased to present a compilation of articles of interest to primary care physicians and subspecialists. We honor the late Dr. Joseph St. Geme, Jr., with a tribute written by his son, Joseph St. Geme III, in our “Foundations of Pediatrics” section.
      Our series on genomics/proteomics continues with an article by Hunsaker and Accurso, and our biennial review of advances in pharmacology submitted by Ian Paul.
      Advances in the field of pediatric surgery are presented by Gerard Glancy (scoliosis) and Francois Lecour-Gayet and colleagues (congenital cardiac surgery). Approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic disorders of bone are given in the articles by Steelman and Simmons (osteoporosis/osteogenesis imperfecta) and Iyer and Diamond (rickets—a sometimes forgotten but still prevalent condition).
      A new feature in this volume is the excellent and comprehensive update on vaccines by Mirza and Rathore, and we hope to publish ongoing updates in this area in future volumes.
      Two articles of special interest in the field of “social pediatrics” were contributed by the staff of the Children's Health Fund: an update on homelessness by Grant and colleagues and lessons learned about the vulnerability of children during megadisasters (eg, Hurricane Katrina) by Garrett and colleagues.
      Finally, advances in our understanding of childhood oral health problems (Krol), atopic dermatitis (Leung and colleagues), and an update on the benefits and risks of breastfeeding (Goldman and colleagues) are presented.
      As in the past, the editors welcome suggestions for topics in future volumes of the Advances in Pediatrics as well as an evaluation of the breadth and quality of articles published in this volume. Comments can be directed to Michael S. Kappy at [email protected]